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Default Rocky Start

Diary style post.

We've been married for 10 years. I've always thought that open relationships were a good idea, my wife scoffed the first time I mentioned it. But we have experimented with others, which we now regret. We've had crushes on other people, but hadn't really felt the NRE with anyone else... until recently.

I think she's in love, but she doesn't call it that. She says it's a just a big crush, & she's obsessed with him. When this started, I could tell something new was up, but we hadn't been able to put it in words. I really freaked out a couple of times, including crying, depression, really bad thoughts, I felt betrayed. I had done a lot of reading on the subject, and I was surprised I reacted that way.

I'm doing better in that dept now. I'm very supportive, and I believe my jealously is under control. I do have to reassure myself when I get bad thoughts. But I've always really wanted this, and I'm working on it.

We have a wonderful relationship, great communication. We have no secrets. We support each other.

She can't be with her new crush because he and her best friend are a couple and her best friend said she doesn't want to share. That makes he very sad, and she's often depressed about it. This brings me down too sometimes.

Thanks for this space. I love this community.
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