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If you are with somoe one who values sexual fidelity, cheating is flat out the most selfish act through which you can inflict pain on a person you supposedly love. It's indicative of a lack of self control, weak character or a general lack of human concern; all of which I have exhibitied in the past. The inability to control ourselves in the moment and not seek a better path to those sexual/emotional goals reflects a person who is trapped, broken, or has very little empathy.

The inability to control oneself "in the moment" is also an indication that we are more influenced by our reptilian brain than our thinking one. I hold people above all other types of life when it comes to being self aware and possessing the ability to reason beyond getting our own needs met.

For some people robbing a bank, or breaking into a persons house is not a big deal. I don't have the same values as those people.

Opinions on cheating should probably be discussed when relationships are developing so that all partners can avoid dissapointing each other with thier different values.

That's all I'll say about cheating...I own my opinion and don't expect anyone else to accept my views. I also wouldn't engage someone in a relationship who doesn't share them.

People all make mistakes....and if you are healthy you learn from them. When you repeat mistakes, seek treatment because you are broken.

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