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Adding to that, I had already talked a little bit (online, facebook IM) to OG about the cuddling thing and such. Jeez, a tiny little conversation and BAM! NRE kicked into OVERDRIVE.

It's DF's day off today, and especially with the potential issue in my previous post, I feel like I need to spend some quality time with him today. That's in direct conflict with my desire to go spend time with OG. Bah. Stupid NRE. Shuttup and let me sooth my fiance.

Anywho. I'm going to my therapy appointment in a bit (boy, that'll be interesting), and then afterwards I'll probably go get dinner fixings and try to cook dinner with DF. Priorities. Priorities. NRE can wait.

ETA: And I should probably turn off my phone. A text from OG will probably be VERY distracting.

ETA2: Does it even count as NRE if there hasn't been an official "THIS IS A RELATIONSHIP" conversation yet? Cause I'm totally all fluttery, and I'm pretty sure that counts.

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