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This still all gets back to being honest as soon as one can that a boundary is not working any more.

Sometimes boundaries get broken in order to realize they aren't working any more. So, pick yourself up and fix it... let by gones be by gones. None of us are perfect in this process of being up standing poly citizens. We all do shit that we realize after was a mistake when it comes to consensually attempting to achieve poly relationship dynamics.

Shit happens. Deal with it as soon as you can and move on... leaving it to stew and creating all kinds of drama around it just makes it worse and doesn't do anyone any favours I think.

I still think saying to your hubby OP, "hey hun, this boundary we have around pics and vids isn't working, because I don't want to break it and I'm sure you don't either, I think we should change it." Set a good example of what you expect from him and he likely will know to be up front next time because he knows what it feels like when you were (building empathetic responses). Let him save face this time and move on.... if he does it again, then bring it up.
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