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Originally Posted by stargazer23 View Post
You're confusing instant gratification-type need with woundedness.

Does the legalization and open sharing of recipes make candy stores obsolete?
No, I'm not confusing it. But think its too easy to just label stuff as a 'need' without looking beneath the surface. Its possible that the need for instant gratification is in part a product of culture. It could be biologically conditioned through reward pathways in the brain. "I feel stressed. i go to brothel. stress is alleviated. next time i get stressed...guess where I'm headed...straight back to the cookie jar"

I'm only debating the point, i don't necessarily agree with my argument lol.

In some tantric practices its believed that the male body only needs a physiological ejaculation once every couple of months. And what we actually seek for 'instant gratification' is the experience of release associated with it. In training they can bring you close to orgasm and then teach you how release that build up of energy through breath work and muscle contractions.
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