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Exactly (Minxxa's last sentence).

Referring back to what I said about "if you don't want people to see your shit, don't put your shit where they can see it" - I really do think that keeping "incriminating" evidence where the people who you supposedly don't want to see it can find it is simply a passive-aggressive way of telling them something that you don't have the nerve to bring up in a straightforward manner.

Like Autumnal Tone suggested, it is possible that OP's Husband felt he was being treated as a child when it comes to his relationships with other people than his wife. The PROPER thing to do would be to say "Hon, I feel as if I'm being treated as a child when it comes to my relationships with other people besides yourself. Maybe it's time we re-evaluated some of our rules and boundaries? In particular, I'd like to be able to send sexy emails and texts to her without having to check with you first. You could do the same with your OSO, etc. etc."

But not "I'm sick of being beholden to my wife. She is not the boss of me. I'm just gonna do whatever the fuck I want. I'm a grown man. If she finds out and doesn't like it, I'll just bitch at her for invading my privacy. Boo-yah."

Srsly, nao. Is this REALLY "easier said than done"?
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