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I want to comment on some salient points in other people's posts eventually, but find it irksome to multi-quote long posts on the ipod. For now, I give you the following:

While I am not a "liar" when it comes to my relationships, I am not 100% honest in many ways throughout everyday life. I am responsible for "little white lies", to lies of omission (for noble purposes only of course, LOL), and probably many other things that are so unconscious that I would have to start keeping a list... but every one of these could also be rationalized as "maintaining one's privacy".

Having said that, and taken ownership of the fact that I may not be perfect after all, I want to remind folks that IF YOU DON"T WANT PEOPLE (partners, kids, friends, enemies) UP IN YOUR BUSINESS, DON"T LEAVE YOUR BUSINESS WHERE PEOPLE CAN GET AT IT! YOU, only YOU are responsible for your own privacy. The same goes for stealing. IF YOU DON"T WANT YOUR SHIT STOLEN, LOCK YOUR FRIGGING SHIT UP! Geezus. Sometimes I feel like I'm teaching kindergarten.

This has been a PSA, free of charge. If you don't like it, I'll refund double your money.

ETA: When I get home, I'll split the discussion on privacy into a separate thread. Unless one of the other moderators wants to do it sooner.
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