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Well, when we've been talking about this whole thing, we pretty much decided that trying to establish specific "do this, but don't do that" wouldn't work out very well for us. Since what we're pursuing is a relationship, not a fling or fuckbuddy, we thought that those kind of restrictions would sort of impede the natural development of a relationship.

I did want to make sure there were no "unspoken rules" or one-sided "understandings" about it, though, so I included the possibility of sex and sleep overs in our discussion. I said that while I was planning on taking it slow and just seeing how it developed, it could go faster than anticipated. Clear as mud?

I mentioned sleeping over, and he said he would be OK with it as long as I wasn't spending weeks at a time over there and never spending time with him. I reassured him that I was only thinking about something like a night every week or two at this point, and reiterated that I wanted to make absolutely sure he's not feeling neglected.

Really, all that's going to happen at this point is I'm going to probably mention to OG the whole "Oh, so DF is OK with us cuddling" thing and see where that goes/how he responds. DF knows that I am open to that leading where ever it leads, up to and including a relationship that could include sex. I haven't used the word "boyfriend", I don't think, DF and I have been using words like "relationship" and "loving other people".

Clear as mud?

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