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Default questions about a true poly and meeting one

i have a couple of questions. frist one i have how long do someone stay poly? also i would like to know is this a true poly person if someone have like 5 main girlfriends and then have causal dates on the side? im talking about non-stop causal dates. just looks bad if you have 5 main ones and want more and more like the main girlfriends are not good for you. also it's hard to keep up with everyone like that. really it kinda sounds like a quick thrill and thats it. do you or anyone you know do this type of thing? for myself i can't even find one poly girl and i see others that have so many. it do make me kinda jealous but it's no one fault and i guess i have bad luck! i have been to one poly group meeting but that was just for talking about poly and questions only. there is no real place for trying to meet poly people to go out with in person or online. i have look all over the internet and i can't find any sites for dating a poly person. i only found old sites that were not active at all. what is the best place to find a poly person online?
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