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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
I think that some of us are getting onto the wrong person's case here.

While overthinker may have been in the "wrong" for snooping....It STILL doesn't eclipse the fact that her hubby crossed that boundary. He was MORE "in the wrong" in the first place than her IMO, and he needs to be aware that it has hurt her, and that if there are certain boundaries, they need to be adhered to by both parties. He has instilled a lack of trust in Overthinker, now, that wasn't there before. This mistrust, will only serve to foster MORE jealousy unless it is dealt with.
Actually, they both broke boundaries, so they're both wrong and both need to do some renegotiation and fixing to build trust back. Hubby just doesn't know any boundaries have been broken (other than the ones he broke).

I don't think there is a more wrong in this case. Both are just wrong, and have been addressed as such by members.
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