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First on the OG front. We went out for coffee last night, and then chilled at his place for a couple of hours. Lots of cuddling ensued. I fell asleep. He lay awake and later told me he wasn't sleeping, he was just happy and content. He was reluctant to see me go, and said something that made me think "hmm..." He was (mostly?) joking, I'm sure. "We need to arrange some kind of time share thing so you don't have to always go home!" I didn't say anything, since DF hadn't given the OK to go ahead yet, but MAN I wanted to ask about that. Ugh! That would've been a perfect opportunity to open up a conversation. Oh well.

And on the DF front, he did give me the official OK to go ahead last night, after verbalizing some specific concerns. He said he just wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be neglecting him for OG, that he still needs attention and affection (and other stuff ), and just to remember that he's there. I pretty much said that I have every intention of nurturing our relationship, but to pleasepleaseplease let me know if I'm forgetting to give him the attention he needs.

His other concerns involved what to tell other people, specifically our nosy roommates, and also some concerns about OG's feelings (aww!). I don't think we need to run around telling people, but I don't think it should be some Big Secret, either. And I think it's so sweet that DF is concerned about OG's feelings. I have some of the same concerns, but I think we'll just take it slow and see how it goes. I mean, whatever happens with OG may not even develop into a whole romantic relationship type thing. It could just stay a friendly thing, just with extra cuddles and the occasional sleep-over.

So yeah... Squeeeeee! I have the OK from DF to go ahead!

My poor therapist. I just told her last week about my attraction to OG. I'll be seeing her today with some major updates.
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