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Fucking terrible week.


I'm so... proud of myself (is that a bad thing?).

I accidentally sent my first paper to the wrong instructor. That instructor read it-reviewed and critiqued it and then sent an email to the correct instructor and myself including the following quotes:

"I don't know Ms. LR, but the paper she attaches is excellent - better than all or nearly all of the essays I've ever received from students in ENGL A111, if that is indeed what it is. Someone capable of writing such a paper does not need to take so elementary a course as ENGL A111."

"The essay's only weakness, to my mind, is its failure to state the other side of the argument, if only to refute it."

I emailed back a thank you for the critique-because it was VERY helpful information for future papers and got a response including the following:

"I think you have gifts as an expository writer, and want to encourage you to continue to develop them if that is the direction of your interest."

That REALLY made my day.

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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