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Thanks so much to everyone for the acceptance and for the smiles. I feel much better now.
I'm going to just try to reply to all responses here in one post so here goes...
I did not do my research/reading so I have no idea what a unicorn is. I'm sorry.
Our lady is married and has 3 grown children and a 10 year old. Her husband is a miserable, controlling man who treats her pretty much like a slave. (all BJs for him, no oral for her and penetration only 3 times in about the last 5 years). At this point he doesn't know but we are prepared to address that issue soon.
The daughter doesn't really know about the relationship but she knows that they both come here to spend every weekend. She hasn't asked questions yet but her father frightens her so I think she is relieved to be out of the home for a few days as well. Plus I give her crocheting lessons which she loves.
The wife reference is about lack of a more appropriate word. I don't know what to call her. We have told her that we don't want her to feel like just some lady that hubby and I are having sex with. We want her to feel like an equal in this whole thing. I told her that I want her to feel like my hubby is just as much hers as he is mine, which is just about when the word wife popped into my head. you can see...we're new, maybe confused, curious, in loved and ready to learn. Thanks so much for being so helpful.
From your new, vanilla friends
sparklypleasures and sweet cheeks and as-yet-unnicknamed-lady

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