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Default Wow what a fuck up this was...

....what a night. T and I decided to meet a guy who is in town working for awhile. Sort of a meet and greet, welcome to local polyland. He showed up half pissed, full of ego and bluster and drank even more while he told lies, bad stories over and over as only drunk dullards can do.

I know this may come as a surprise but i don't suffer assholes gladly, and decided enough was enough. I explained to him that showing up drunk, lying and acting like an asshole wasn't really working for me and that this was over and he was free to go, like right now. Only not as politely as I make it sound here.

I now know just how fortunate T and I are to have met the people we have. This scumbag was the complete opposite of everyone we've met to date.

A great life lesson for me and a very good experience for T. Not everyone calling themselves Poly really is.
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