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Okay, maybe it's the 100 weather where I am, but I'm finding your posts confusing.

Originally Posted by AandE View Post
I have also recently been doing alot of research on 2012 and have come to the conclusion that this might be the right time to seek out or create a *survival* community.
Originally Posted by AandE View Post
. . . I am in no way promoting doomsday or *survival communes*, but rather am just hoping to find others who may be likeminded in my desire to evolve our culture a bit while still keeping an ear to the ground.
Originally Posted by AandE View Post
Thanks. I was surprised at the initial responses because I thought I was in left field, and was wondering what those with statuses of mono and straight have to do with poly as well.
Okay, so, here are my questions for you...
  • What exactly does this research into 2012 entail? Is it all stuff on the internet? Wikipedia? Scholarly journals? Reading mythology?
  • What is it about 2012 that you are researching?
  • If you are not promoting a doomsday scenario or survival communes, what did you mean by "this might be the right time to seek out or create a *survival* community?"
  • What surprised you about the initial responses you received, and which ones, in particular?
  • Could you clarify your statement where you say you were wondering about mono and straight people being involved in poly?
  • How does this all relate to polyamory - since you posted in the "New to Polyamory" section?
Thanks. Not being argumentative here - just need to understand where you're coming from, and what you're looking for here. It's all rather convoluted thus far.
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