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Ooh! Another person! (I'll get over the novelty of having actual people commenting on my blog one of these days, I suppose. For now, I'll continue being a dork about it. )

Yeah, I'm kind of liking that way of approaching things with OG myself. I'll probably do it something like that when DF finally decides "OK, let's do this".

I've been talking to DF some more today and last night about the timing of this whole thing. He told me he is just processing right now, that he's not feeling bad or uncomfortable or scared, it's just a lot to think about right now. He did say that he intends to give me the go-ahead soon, though, and that he's not going to try to have me hold out until he finds somebody.

You have a really good point about the whole temptation to cross boundaries thing. Things were easy and fun last night with OG, but the easy/fun aspect of things are a perfect environment for two people to grow closer and more intimate... which tends to lead to temptations to do things which would definitely be crossing boundaries right now.

I think he might not be actually on the prowl. I was just teasing him about the bounce in his step and the prettying up.

Anyway, I'm glad you think we're having a good start!

(And by the way, I like the set up of your siggy. I might just borrow that later on, if you don't mind).
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