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You are right that for me sex has alot of meaning to me, it is when you are at your most vulnerable and most intimate. It is reaching for that ultimate connection with some one that is very speacial to you. I believe that if sex had no meaning then why were clothes and everyone would be having sex in the streets and who you have sex with would not matter. That is not how it is we choose the poeple we slept with because of a connection to those people. Not saying one night stands do not happen or that I myself have not had a few in my day, but for the most part sex does have meaning specially with emotional connection. Yes sex can just be an act but not always. I will try to think of sex with less meaning to it and see if that helps me.

I cannot belive how honest and helpful you all are. You all share your lives with such conviction. It is refreshing to talk to people with such different views on life. Thank you all for your help and advice and please keep it coming.
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