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thank you for your input, it is nice to read about others issues and relationship successes. We still need to talk about alot of things and it will probably take me awhile to be comfortable with this if we decide to do it. I know alot of my issues are insecurity, fear and jealousy. I do find it interesting that I do not have any issue with the emotional attachment between the two, actually I perfer it, I care for them so I would like them to care for each other. My biggest issue is with the physical, just thinking of them touching each other gives me anxiety. This is the one thing they have both said they would like. To be able to show affection towards each other, al the way to sex if they so choose. I wish I did not have such feeling of fear and jealousy. How do you get past this? Thank you for sharing your story with me every little bit helps and I seem to take something away from all of you in this.
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