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Originally Posted by Minxxa View Post
...and sent me some pics of him which looked COMPLETELY different than the one semi-blocked out pic he had on the site. I've realized I really do have to see a few pictures of someone to see if I get a feeling.
Me too, and people often look very different IRL to their pics. It's all that darn Photoshopping going on! I, for one, don't photograph well. I have a very expressive face and the whole 'freezed moment of reality' thing that pics do doesn't do it justice.

Originally Posted by Minxxa View Post
I guess maybe it's time to move on in some ways!
Definitely the universe is trying to tell you something there . I've had my phonebook deleted a few times, and it's annoying, but also a good measure of how often you actually communicate with certain people. Those people that really matter tend to call/text pretty fast anyway.
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