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I think the biggest worry I would have is that I would be come overly dependent on them and not look after my stuff. There is a lot of baggage that comes with life and I reckon its up to me to get rid of it... I don't find I do that if I become co-dependent with others...

On the other hand... how nice to be given some love and nurturing. Some genuine closeness and caring. That is a lovely gift and I think if I were you I would be very grateful and appreciative and make sure they know that. I think I would make sure that they are aware that you are transitioning from one stage of your life to another and that although you care about them and could even love them, that you really need to honour the process you are on and the journey you have been on until its finished.

Then I think I would wait and see how it goes. Accept their love and affection but keep it in perspective and get about doing the work I need to do to be healthy again, for myself first.
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