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Originally Posted by Erosa View Post

As a woman who loves both genders and all variations there on, but strongly prefers vaginas to penises...
Don't show him this LOL! That'll do nothing for his ego or sense of "not being enough".

Based on how you describe your boyfriend I think you will have to take a risk to get a possible gain. If I was you, I would focus on just how completely different sexuality with a woman is. You want to explain that this is like apples to oranges. Men are like apples...tonnes of variety but essentially the same fruit. Women on the other hand are oranges and there is ablsolutely no comparison to be made with apples.

I've gone through this with my ex-wife. Ultimately it didn't work for me but I gave it a shot.....I think it could have worked given a better foundation with her. Is your foundation with this man solid? And is he worth continuing with if he says no?

Maybe find some movies that deal with this and see how he responds to them. Usually people talk about the movies they see...perhaps you can get a feel for his reaction that way. Then you can teasingly approach the topic. Some questions cannot be unasked.

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