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Originally Posted by PickMoreDaisies View Post
-what happens if the kids find out what is going on
-how can we possibly have a "normal" relationship when it is all so secret
-he doesn't understand how CLP can be OK with any of it
-he can't figure out how he ended up in this complicated situation and just wants it to be "easier"
-he can't even tell his good friend about what is going on because he feels that he will judge him
-he doesn't want anyone to get hurt in the end
Wow these are all too familiar. I remember similar worries and concerns coming out of Mono's mouth.

-my boy loves mono as a good grown up friend (he is six though and understands that I love Mono and have sleep overs at his house)
-normal is what we make it, not what we are told. As for it being secret? That is a matter for time and comfort
-in time mono saw that it was okay with my husband because no shit hit the fan
-growing and learning about oneself is never "easy," poly pushes us to invest more into our relationships, that isn't easy. But then if life were easy we wouldn't really be living it.
-he could very well be judged, but then, would he really be a good friend? I think not. He will meet many new friends through this that will understand and be by his side if his "good friend" doesn't pan out as a keeper.
-it's not in his realm to control who gets hurt or not... the only way he can achieve leaving the situation feeling good about it is to act according to his own "needs" and keeping others in mind. That should be the root of his communications. He only has control of himself.
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