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Default Has anyone considered forming a "survival" group?

I have recently discovered the polyamory philosophy, but was in a 12 year *open* relationship, a 4 year open relationship, and am now in a new open relationship which is currently in bloom. I put *quotes* on the first one because it was never discussed, but understood. The second was with a European and their views on sex and relationships are much more relaxed than those that we have here in the states. I have never been married, but I am a single mother of a 7 yo boy.

I have also recently been doing alot of research on 2012 and have come to the conclusion that this might be the right time to seek out or create a *survival* community. Again, the *quotes* are because I have not discussed this with anyone in my immediate circle for fears they may have me committed for Chicken Little Disorder, but what the hell do they know anyway?

If anyone on this forum has been researching same, and is interested in same, I would very much like to create a separate dialogue. I can offer some videos and other information, but please take this information with a grain of salt and come to your own conclusions. I don't agree with everything I have read, but i have seen enough to come to my own decisions about what I believe and what I don't. I guess the same could be said about those researching and/or choosing to believe in the polyamory philosophy......
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