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Default How Do You Bring This Up With a "True Mono"??


As a woman who loves both genders and all variations there on, but strongly prefers vaginas to penises...

I am facing a delima.

I am in a mono relationship with the world's most mono guy. He is older and very traditional in a lot of ways and I know that contributes to his attitudes in this area;

But he has more or less said that his idea of a good relationship (for him.) is one man, one woman, no additionals, no vees, no swinging.

Now, he has been cheated on in the past by an ex wife. And while I think that this behavior is deplorable on her part, I am having a hard time accepting the idea that I can never, ever, ever have a female partner again.

Any suggestions as to how to bring this up to him and what to say to get him to understand that I am not dissatisfied with him as a lover, just that I want a little gender variety?

I am afraid he will take it really personally, as a rejection of who he is and his ability to take care of me sexually and emotionally, if I request to have female partners.

I love him to pieces. But I just don't know how to approach this without hurting his feelings. (And that's the worse part; it will hurt him. not make him mad. Mad I could deal with. But I HATE hurting his feelings.)
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