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Originally Posted by Bangel View Post
Having a bad day mind is racing again, I have such anger towards the friend that I do not know if our friendship will last.
What I'm about to say, Bangel, may seem absurd to you, even cruel. But I'm going to say it anyway, because I think it is true -- and because I think it is good medicine.

You've probably never in your life so needed to love yourself fully as you need this now. You really need to give yourself unquestioned, unpremeditated and utterly unconditional love now. I mean, harbor not a fraction of a second of doubt about your worth. Do not entertain thoughts of "I'm less; I'm not good enough... (etc.)".

It does not perhaps seem to be so, but you could make of this situation a great opportunity for rapid healing and growth, and much more love in your life.

You can forgive your friend, forgive your wife, forgive yourself, and have a glorious heart-expansion that will reveal dimentions of love you've never imagined possible.

Please keep this in mind and heart over the coming days.

We're with you in love.
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