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Where's River? He's out there, loving himself up!

I bumpted into him--the kisser--at the grocery store after a long while not seeing him at all. We shook hands (which I initiated) and smiled ... and then proceeded to shuffle our feet and try to find words. "So, shopping, huh?" he asked. "Um-hmm, shopping"....

"Haven't seen you at the bar."

"I hardly ever go."

"Well, have a good day."

"You too."

(Have I told you I can be very shy and socially awkward?)

Anyway, we went back to shopping ... and eventually I "grew a pair" (as they say) and wrote my phone number and name on a slip of paper and tracked him down and handed it to him, saying Please call me for tea or something some time. He said he would. I dunno, maybe this was a week ago. I haven't worried over it much. I mean, ... well, whatever.

I'm slowly making my way toward just holding myself open to love's possibilties--without gearing up for the hunt, if you know what I mean. I realized the wanting of another love in my life only makes me unhappy, unsatisfied.... So I've decided to just love myself up, I mean really pour it on. I deserve it! Shit, I'm taking myself out on some dates!
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