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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

Sorry, but likely your therapist is full of shit and you need a new one that knows a bit more about diverse relationship dynamics and sexuality. Yours is naive and ill educated. No therapist should be telling you you are anything. Good therapists allow you to tell them what you think you are... it sounds like they want an easy job of it and is putting that on you. So sorry they aren't able to look outside their comfort level. Finding another therapist that knows of what you speak might indicate one way of the other what is going on for you.

I third this. Haven't they read Kinsey? Most people fall on the bisexual spectrum, with a few completely gay or straight. Sheesh. Of course, a lot of people repress their queer feelings and are homophobic towards themselves. Please find a therapist with a clue!

My sympathies on the girl flaking on you. Join the club. I've been getting that a LOT lately.
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