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I really just wanted to second the ' Stay true to yourself' comment, mainly because thats something thats been stuck in my head for the last few days myself!

When my husband brought up the idea of open relationship a few years ago, I liked the idea. Him and I had been swingers for a few years, and decided that that wasnt what we wanted from life. He then met a wonderful couple and he started dating the female of the couple. After I met her hubby I started seeing him, hence we had a working quad going on.

It was hard at first but after alot of communication and open ness we worked through it and I now definately associate myself strongly as poly.

Now, here is my point: Im dating a guy now who identifies as 'mono'. He wants me for himself, he's admitted it. But he knows that this could never be the best thing for me, even if I wasnt married. I simply do not know how to love only one person and he feels this makes it hard, but he is coming to terms with this.

Yes, its been very hard and there have been fleeting moments where I wished with all my heart that I could be that for him. But i must remember:

Stay true to who I am and know that that is part of me.

Our relationship is still very new and we have decided that yes, even though a mono loving a poly and vice versa is hard at the end of the day: I love him and he loves me. Thats what matters to us.
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