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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Now he wants to define things, set terms, formalize the arrangement.

I would never stop seeing Davis just because Harry asked me to, never in a million years. But that doesn't mean I'm willing to do the reverse either. *sigh* Am I just being greedy? Do I want to have my cake PLUS three other pieces of cake, and eat them all too?
Hmm. OPPs tend to set me off a little. However, it sounds like DEFINITION and SECURITY are what Davis is now asking for - like, not necessarily that he be your one number guy but rather that he at least be given an ordinal number (and he has requested the number one?), that he and you would both know that he has a place in your life.

Does it have to be stated in primary/secondary/OPP terms? Does he need that to feel he means something to you, that he is not just another guy you are doing?

If he feels very strongly about there being him and no other fellas, then it is probably just not in your nature to be with him on primary basis. I mean, he wants you to give him something you are not cut out to give. You tried to and failed once, right?

It's not like all pieces of cake are mutually interchangeable, and you are just being greedy and stuffing your face (well, not technically face, at least not most of the time, but you get the drift ). Do you think that now that you have Gina, the 'girl slot' in your romantic life is permanently filled up and having a relationship with another lady would just be greedy? That is why OPPs/poly-fi anything don't make sense to me. To me, the philosophy operates on a principle of 'I have people needs A, B and C, and they can be filled with generic individuals A, B and C, and once there, I'm done! I shall never need, want or desire another human being again!'.
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