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Oh, it's much clearer now. I will stop harping on this question and leave you alone -- but I'm sure it's probably obvious that my vote is not to let go of Harry. I think there are other ways to compromise, in time and schedules, etc., without giving up a relationship that enriches and enhances your life as the one you have with Harry does. Why does Davis think that things have to change for you to be committed to him? I wonder if there is some sense of dissatisfaction he feels, which really should be addressed by internal, personal work on himself, rather than placing an expectation on you to change something... ?

He might want to consider that part of why the woman he loves is so happy and satisfied is because of all the people in your life. It would create quite a different dynamic in you and your life if any of them had to disappear.

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Am I just being greedy? Do I want to have my cake PLUS three other pieces of cake, and eat them all too?
Nope, not greedy! Your description of the people in your life sounds quite wonderful and gives me hope that I can have something similar. And there is nothing wrong with wanting the whole cake!
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