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Originally Posted by rory View Post
But I don't feel that, at least for now, I would have the energy or time for a third partner. Thus, I'm still not really able to act on it if/when I like somebody in the future (unless it seems that they do fit into my life at that point). Thus, I wouldn't consider myself available. Therefore, I'm pondering if I still should use my old techinque of trying to control my feelings if/when I meet somebody in the future whom I love, but whom I can't be in a relationship with (for any reason).
Me neither (for a fifth partner, but anyway)!

I think the key is the 'if they fit into my life at that point'. Unless it's a 'insane attraction at first sight' type of thing, most romantic relationships, and feelings, need time to grow, I think. So if you have enough time in your life to cultivate a friendship that ends up growing into something more, why suddenly you wouldn't have the time to cultivate a romantic relationship with the same person?

I'm no longer available (in the OKC sense at least ) in that I would be looking actively for more romantic entanglements, but trying to plan my love life has failed miserably before, so I'm no longer doing it.
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