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You're welcome. We are going to be in the same boat soon too. We have a roommate who HAS been "family" for the last 16 years but now that we're officially a poly family dynamic some details need to be addressed and we haven't decided how we are dealing with that.
Maca is more of a private person-but I know for sure that our kids already know we have an "unusual" relationship and already know that there is a lot more loving in our family then their friend's have in theirs.
I think our kids will take it fine. I KNOW the 18 year old couldn't care less and is ok with it. She'll roll her eyes and say "mom, I don't need details about you all's sex life!". The youngest two (9 and 2 years) don't care and won't care. But the 13 year old is my stepson and he may feel some fear and concern over things.
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