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On second thought, it was actually Sunday. Still feels like Monday to me. So not just yesterday, but still, very recent.

He's really excited to explore his options. We were both really clear with one another that we would be looking for relationships, not casual sex or flings, and that like any relationship, these may or may not work out.

I'm pretty prepared for jealousy, I think. It's definitely a possibility, almost an inevitability, really. We have lots of experience with jealousy from when our relationship was younger. We weren't as open and honest with one another as we are now, and there was this whole period of time where we were either dancing on the edge of cheating or dating other people during "breaks". There was this whole on-again-off-again phase. We made a lot of mistakes, but we worked hard to rebuild when we finally came out on the other side. We've got over four years, maybe closer to five years of stability under our belts since then, but the history is there, and we did address that during our conversations (i.e., "Remember when this was going on, and you told me X, but then you did Z? Do you think that could be a problem again? What makes it different now?").

Honestly, given our history, even though it's long past, I'm very pleasantly surprised that he IS being this open and apparently comfortable.

I think what I would prefer is a long term relationship, but I know there's no way of predicting how long any relationship will last. I am fluttery over OG (yes, I need to pick a better nickname, LOL!) right now, but I think regardless of whether or not he turns out to be a good fit for me within the context of my relationship with DF, I'll be glad to have the freedom of knowing that if another attraction to somebody does arise, I don't have to squelch it deep down inside me somewhere, feeling guilty for even thinking about it. I'm not looking to hop in bed with anybody (OK, maybe OG. Someday. Maybe. OK that's the flutteries talking! Ignore! Ignore! ), but to have the potential for meaningful interactions that may lead to something more long term.
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