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So plodding through work, LOL. Hubs is at the tattoo place getting his new one finished up, the GF drove him (he doesn't have a car). I think she's staying overnight, but maybe not. They both have to work early in the a.m. so I'm not sure. I decided it doesn't matter, so i'm not going to worry about it.

I also was thinking this weekend when hubs was out with her, that I think I'm over the "asking if it's okay" thing with them doing stuff. I didn't initiate it, hubs did, I think to make sure we do things the right way this time, in the way it hasn't been done in the past. If he was here, yeah, checking on a date/time would be needed because we'd have our own plans/parenting issues/all that stuff. But with him there and me here, it's not needed, and I don't think I "need" it in the psychological/emotional sense. In fact, it feels wierd to me-- like he needs permission from me.

Since he's finally kind of working on having only one other relationship besides ours and working on BOTH of them, LOL, it's not like he's introducing a new person or situation anymore. So I really think that he should just be able to set up times to be with her and then just let me know (I do think I still need that for now). I'm gonna wait a couple of days and see how it sits, but that's the way my brain is heading. I just want to be sure about it before I talk to him.

On other news, I got a message on OKC from a guy that seems interesting. We may meet up in the next week or two, we'll see.

The last guy didn't end up working out... basically he started to text a bit too often for my taste (I'd like to see if we are compatible first), and sent me some pics of him which looked COMPLETELY different than the one semi-blocked out pic he had on the site. I've realized I really do have to see a few pictures of someone to see if I get a feeling. I don't have a lot of "requirements" in the looks department, and I have a very wide range of what I consider attractive, but I do have to get some sort of "I'm attracted to this person" vibe. So no more guys with no pictures. LOL.

Oh, and as extra added fun my phone froze up and I had to reboot it and I lost all my contacts/pictures/etc. Most of the pictures I have saved, so I'm okay, but not my contacts. Note to self-- back up your darn phone!! Anyway, so I'm trying to piece together all of my friends numbers. I'm sure there are a few I wn't have until they call me, and some I may never have because it's been so long since I've talked to them. I guess maybe it's time to move on in some ways!
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