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Hi! (OMG a person! In my blog!)

Nope, the two of us aren't dead set... but it's an idealistic hope of DF's. I don't know if he's dead set on it or not, but since we only talked about it yesterday, and I was the one who brought it up, it's a little soon to be insisting that I can just jump right in.

All those questions you have are the same ones running through my head, but I don't want to bombard him all at once with questions. I guess I'm afraid it'll come across as pushy and demanding.

He did mention that he thought it would take a really long time to find someone he clicks with who would be OK with getting into a relationship with an engaged man.

I think that yeah, it's to avoid jealousy issues and to try and minimize one of us being stuck alone at home while the other is off enjoying NRE and fun times with someone else.

And what if OG might have been interested in a relationship, but because I waited, he finds someone else?

Meanwhile, DF has OK'd maintaining the status quo with OG, which is basically, we can spend time together, cuddle, give eachother backrubs.

I guess I need to talk (some more) with DF... I just don't know what to say that we haven't already said. He seems open to it, but I wonder if his restriction that we wait until he's found someone means that he's really not OK with it?
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