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Originally Posted by rory View Post
I guess what I'm wondering is where do I fit, or, more specifically, what do I want and how do I want to live.
I wonder this to this day... for different reasons than you at the moment, but still wonder... I think if you ever stop wondering then there is something a miss. At least I look at it that way. Keep at it!

Originally Posted by Erosa View Post
One of the quinessential qualities of romantic love is the risk of getting hurt.

Granted, loving more people makes the odds of getting hurt go up, mathematically speaking.
Yes, yes it does... being overly vulnerable sometimes has the opposite effect in terms of love. Being selective is the key I think and then taking everyone else with a grain of salt and a sense of humour. That's another thought though...

Originally Posted by Gecko View Post
we fear losing lovers like we fear death. We put up illusions in our minds that the world is static, permanent, that if we can just get to that next part we'll finally be ok. But realty is constant change, so when we get there its not only different than we planned it, but the next change is already coming.
Scarcity vs. abundance concept... abundance is endless, scarcity is controlling and fear based.
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