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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
My sentiments exactly. I don`t clamour, or handle things the way many seem to. Others trying to force-feed me their brand of life, had me bitter.
My compassion had come to a stand-still.
Pulling myself away, and back,... I am finding my compassionate side again. That is important to me. I much prefer being my well-rounded self.

I don`t know what to tell you about the 'poly' label. For me, it is a label I have come to currently reject.
People will tell you, that you are 'poly' based on what they SEE, and those physical actions upholding their own beliefs.

However, I think it`s something you have to feel akin to deep inside. What does poly mean to you ? What is the unshakable truth that lies in you ?

I think it is ok to NOT identify as anything. If you feel your relationships are as a normal family, and possibly resent the 'zoo' like peering through, from others, it makes sense to need a break from that. (This thought is hard to put to words, please forgive.) The very basic truth is you are a family. you love, you live, you have ups and downs. being cast as different can get old. Maybe you are feeling that ? There is nothing wrong with dropping a label. Especially if it makes you feel you have to 'uphold' some greater good for others.

All rambling aside,..sometimes we just need to look after ourselves, and our loves. Live life without over-thinking it. Fuck the rest for awhile.
Thanks Sourgirl, I highlighted what resonated the most... It is largely what people see and I recent that right now. As much as I love newbies, or at least newer than me, I recent the controlling of what I feel and think my poly is. I also recent the patting of each others back when everyone uses the right words and comes to the same place. I realize that everyone is figuring it out for themselves and is in a different place than me, but it drives me crazy when they put their shit on others... not that I don't do that also sometimes

yes, it is all so hard to explain... thanks for listening and responding, much appreciated.
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