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Default Hello to everyone. Brand new to the forum :)

Hi there, nice meeting you all. I hope i'll get to know you all by the time. I'm a 28 year old funny, outgoing, passionate, intelligent and romantic man. I come from a very exotic (in my humble opinion) place, somewhere in Europe. I am currently a university student pursuing my life long dream. I could describe myself more of a mono, but i got started in poly 4 years ago. At first i didnt know it had a name but after a while i started searching and i found many info. Unfortunately for the time being i'm on a long distance relationship with the best woman there is, but i hope soon we'll be together. She is married for quite a few years and we've been together all these 4 years. Its a very long and confusing story to most people anyway I am really in love with my gf and even tho we live very far from each other it still works well (with its ups and downs) and we get to spend our summers together, until i can move with her. My gf being in a marriage and having a marriage thinks its unfair for me to be here all alone and missing even the physical contact and she insists that i should date a girl. Of course i'm just happy with her and i dont have much time between her and my studies anyway, but i'm rather interested in meeting a woman here that i could chat with her and my gf, maybe flirt and all that. That way she cant give me a hard time for not going out to flirt and of course we can explore the possibility of getting together with another girl in the future. Any takers or any suggestions feel free to drop a message
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