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a little shocked, C came home yesterday and asked if i'd ever considered the possibility of an intimate relationship with our friend H. then he told me that he was totally fine with it
mind you H still has no idea about the poly stuff or that i like him that way, although i'm sure he suspects both. its really starting to feel like he should know, you know? hanging out at H's place this weekend C took the kids for a walk so H and i could hang out for a few minutes alone, although i didn't realize that was why he did it at the time. it should have been awkward but it really wasn't.
i'm planning to go on a short road trip soon and would kind of like to go with H, if for no other reason than to hang out but i can't seem to even ask. C wants H to go with me too, he says he would be good for everyone. if i don't ask H soon, C will probably ask him for me nothin like your fiance encouraging you to start an outside relationship
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