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So here we are, mid week of a long haul of 10 days or more of activity and I haven't stopped... until now.

I have missed much forumming lately, but that's okay, I needed a break anyway.

I don't have much to say other than I am completely un-trusting of anyone but my loves right now and completely used up in terms of giving. The gossip and endless drama of my community is more than I can bear right now it seems. As much as I try to avoid it, I remain an oasis in it all for some and it comes to me anyway. I love that I am trusted and seen as a break from it all, but it is taking a toll in many ways.

I again feel under appreciated by many and await the end of such feelings. I'm tired, really, really tired... like, to my very bones.... (for anyone who thinks that has to do with any of my loves... it absolutely doesn't... they are my rocks). So tired, I can't even write this anymore as there is such a huge flood gate that will open on many different levels I fear this isn't the place.

I will sit here, stare out the window.
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