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Poly doesn't have to mean always in search of more and new and different. It doesn't make you any less poly because you are happy and settled. I imagine that a lot of people who are always clamouring for more and new and different who would envy you for being comfortable and content with what you have.

I understand what you're saying about having other things in life outside of poly. When people are just discovering poly it does seem that it takes up all of their thoughts. At the end of the day though why would your style of relationship take up any more of your thoughts than anyone elses'.

More isn't necessarily better. If you can't fit it in and don't want to fit it in all it's going to end up doing is taking away from what you already have. As it's been said before elsewhere, love might not have any limits but time certainly does.

Your needs are being met, that's what relationships (in any form they happen to take) are all about.
Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok it's not the end.
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