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I'm still having a hard time with Jen's desire for extra sex. I'm still on with it, since I think I just need to let go.... But I have a hard time signing onto something like that, when I feel unsatisfied (quantity wise) at times. I know Jen said it would make her hornier, so I guess I'll just wait and see for that. I know it's not quantity or quality for her, so what is it?
For the record, my desire is not for extra sex, though it comes with the territory. I know I could have my fill from you whenever the need arises, so it's not that I need MORE. It's the freedom of being able to, if I feel the connection, that gets my "juices flowing" so to speak. That you are understanding and accepting of my desire to have different people that I care about in my life and to spend time with them, be it platonically.. or intimately.

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So something I've been seeing on here, is the ownership of feelings. I understand the sentiment, and agree with it to a point. To me though, it seems to get tossed around here as a "get out of jail free" card. I don't care what you say, your actions have consequences. Saying that you were trying to be nice as possible when you broke boundaries or something like that, but your feelings aren't my fault. Come on, give me a break. Pretty sure I'm going to get bashed for this, but whatever. It's how I feel.
I don't think they are saying that it's okay to break boundaries and use the "ownership of feelings" card. I think it's more like saying...we are trying to come to an agreement, and while our differences may not always be easy on the other person, as long as it's done with as much care possible.. if it hurts you (like me bringing up Poly did when I hadn't even been acting on it) there is only so much I can be responsible for. If you tell me it's okay to go see S and I take you up on the offer, then I shouldn't feel guilty or be concerned about hurting your feelings because anything after you said "why don't you go see S" is in your control.

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On that note though, I can only say super good things about Jen. She's been incredibly supportive, understanding, and for once in her life, patient. I think she's done an awesome job of balancing ownership, with support and everything. Love you babe!
Snort!!!! Love you too
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