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Originally Posted by kingston43 View Post
my mono girl friends i have talked to about this all say that this is "fucked up" and "not normal" and that i should get out of the relationship, )
How much importance and influence do these friendships have with you? I'm asking this because one of the things that came along with not following the "normal" path for me was losing a lot of friendships. Some people would say that these people were never really my friends but I don't agree with that. There is a much bigger picture to look at when deciding what to do. If you can deal with jelaousy and the other aspects of sharing a partner you will also be faced with external challenges: probable judgement and isolation from existing friends and family being one of the most heavily impacting.

Poly relationships can be very rewarding even for those who are mono but it is really important to look at the big picture before committing to anything. Ask yourself what you want out of "a" relationship...can you achieve it in this one?

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