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Cool mmmmm


To be honest i'm in two minds.

One half of me is saying ditch him, if he isn't going to at least work on his problems it might be a bad road.

second half is saying some battles are worth the tears. Rewind my life a few years when three of my ex's left me for the blonde, big tits, good job, skinny bitches add in some nasty shit that went down and I was pretty fucked up to put it politley. Today my gf should be a supermodel and hubby is not too shabby lol, me i'm still the "brick shithouse" but these days I don't give a damn cos I got two people who love me fat rolls & psycho tantrums. < yes I'm 27 and still can throw a tantrum to out do any spoilt 2 year old >

yes I still get jeasous but its not as bad as it was when we all started, I relize thats how I feel I'm allowed to feel it but it is unfounded and silly.

um hope that helps...
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