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lol, thanks Mono. I worry about myself sometimes too. I'm doing better today at least, it really is a day by day thing for me. I have a psych appointment at the end of the month to re-evaluate my meds so hopefully that will help and make things more of a week by week or month by month thing instead of a day by day thing.

The purpose of being alone this week is to work on myself. What I want and need. Where do I want to go with my life and etc. I came here specifically because I feel safe and comfortable at this hotel and as it is next to the town I grew up in I know the area. Plus my Marsh is here which is where I finally will be able to go spend some time at today and just sit and relax and think and write.

If you are concerned about the dinner tomorrow night, I am too, but not. I am more worried about trying to get through the evening without any of our usual drama. That is the whole purpose, to get together with a friend and hang out. This is a good thing, really. Confusing, a little, but without the moving on in our friendship and seeing that we can just hang out as friends, I'd be in a much worse mental and emotional position.

Ok, I have to go eat and get my stuff together for my Marsh visit. But I'll be back, probably Friday at least to let you all know how dinner went.
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