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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
This is a great point and one I find personally true! I must admit, being mono and very open about it withon our community, does sort of give me a sense that I can get away with being overly playful. I do naturally assume that anyone I meet fully knows I am not available as well...something to think about. In my old social circle pretty much everyone was mono and the parties we had contained much more sexual inuendo and "flirting" because everyone knew there was no intent to follow through. Definitely something to further investigate within myself.

Sorry for the wandering comment
LMAO, I hadn't considered this in terms of THIS thread. BUT, I was just talking about YOU the other day and the fact that I felt safe flirting playfully withyou because I KNEW that you were mono and committed to RP so I didn't have to worry about you "getting the wrong idea" and thinking that there was something behind the flirting.

SO-yeah, I imagine that is likely a bigger issue.
Admittedly, I do not flirt that way with people I know who are mono in mono relationships with other mono people. Pretty much I limit my playful flirting to... well you and Ariakas.
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