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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
So I have been reading up on dominant women, of which I thought I was until I read... What I have been reading is more in general how dominant women can be identified a certain way such as the bitchy one at the office, or the woman that has to control everyone and everything and it just doesn't fit me. I am not that woman...

Is it my poly that just doesn't fit the D/s roles for me or me that doesn't fit the dom role correctly. Or am I missing something here?
Whoever wrote that is just plain wrong. One of my lovers, Harry, is an amaaaazing dom, just great at getting into your head and giving you almost-but-not-quite more than you can take, very commanding and nefarious and sexily cruel. And when he's not in that role he's just the nicest guy you could imagine, very helpful and considerate. He's Canadian, for goshsakes!

Being a dom has nothing to do with being a bitch/asshole. In fact, I think to be a really good dom you have to be extra-sensitive to other people's needs and feelings... that way, you know just how to manipulate and torture them WHEN YOU'RE SCENING... and it helps you be a better friend and partner in other ways the rest of the time.
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