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Thank you lovingradiance, it was no particular person really.

I have VERY strong feelings about cheating, as you can see and very firm beliefs.... those beliefs come from hard earned experience and on the misfortunes of others...

I am always willing to sway my opinion and although I am a hard ass about certain things, I am open to hearing both sides of the coin. PLEASE DON'T GET ME WRONG IN THIS! I just can not see any positives to cheating AT ALL. There is always a better alternative in my opinion.

I guess I just find it hard to swallow that someone would say that I am judging when they are obviously judging me by even saying that. I'm not stupid, I know that there is far more going on in peoples lives than we read on here. I know this because there is far more going on in my life than what is said on here.

Please don't assume that if you read stuff on a forum that people say that you know them. You know one small portion of their life and that IS IT. When I write on here it is to that portion of their life that I have an opinion, not of them as people. I don't know them, they don't know me. If I want to get to know them or them me then I invest the time elsewhere, not on here. I have started some good friendships on this forum and I can say that they started when we talked away from here, not necessarily on here. Perspective on these things would be appreciated.
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