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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
In my old social circle pretty much everyone was mono and the parties we had contained much more sexual inuendo and "flirting" because everyone knew there was no intent to follow through. Definitely something to further investigate within myself.
Thats quite interesting, I find this in my world as well, especially from girls who are also spoken for....haha, I just assumed it was me! guess the fact that im not available makes it seem safer to flirt, playing with fire really though.
I hadn't thought about how it would be different if your largely associated with poly people...I can't imagine the "harmless flirting" completely disappears though.

NYcindie, Sorry If my post was unclear...It was after 3am here and my brain is full of crap from exam study! Plus, I'm new to subject. Not to mention my relationship communication skills are still lurking around the time the caveman first pondered his reflection.

I think your probably right about polys being accustomed to living in line with their ethical values. Because when your poly, being honest with yourself and others about your feelings is not contradictory to the relationship style your in.
Do you think that if married people are pursuing and/or giving off the vibe that they want more, that they are generally looking for an affair, but poly shows them another option?

Lastly to be clear, this topic does not at all relate to my personal situation, the thought came to me on another thread but i didnt want to hijack it.

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