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Default Happy day

Gorgeous day- sunny and warm, not too humid!!!!! Following an awesome night. Some deep sharing and cementing trust. I love you 2R! (I know you are reading this, even though you never log-in!)

Busyish day today. Had a much needed breakfast/girl talk with my mom. Took the dog for a leasurely stroll. Worked out a little- weights, squats and lunges. Not a whole lot. A little housework that NEEDED done. Made a great, grilled teriyake chicken salad for dinner. Heading to youngest daughter's play with Hubs after dinner...Grease! Looking forward to the laughs. Youngest daughter is a natural comedian. Goofy beyond belief...picture 21st Century Lucille Ball! And after the play, I am working the 11p to 7a shift! UGH! But worth the family time most def!

Happy and healthy and breathing easy.
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